Sunday, July 22, 2007

the story of the cat part 2

the dirty cat walked away from the humans. there's no need for him to linger around humans who saw him as a filthy animal. cats like him also have feelings. they maybe couldnt think but they have feelings. they felt sad when they were beaten and kicked by humans. humans, on the other hand, have brains and they are able to think rationally and logically but they act like mindless animals, compassion flown away towards nothingness, replaced by their unconsiderate animal instinct.
the stray cat walked slowly, not looking back until he saw a big car stopped in front of him. a woman with stubby legs, holding a beautiful yellow cat in her hands.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


well, maybe i should continue the story of the cat, but i think i'm gonna hold on for a little while.
it's one o'clock in the morning right now, and i'm facing my chemistry homework and listening to a song from the anime 'black cat' titled konoyo no uta or in english, the song of the world.
this song always reminds me of life itself.
i dont know why, maybe its because of the meaning of the song, which depicts on the world. our life. i was thinking about another story which i watched recently, called 'taiyou no uta' or 'the song to the sun'. (i'm into japanese drama) it's about a girl who had a disease in which she cannot be exposed to sunlight.this is not a mere japanese typical romance flick.the good thing about japanese drama (unlike most korean dramas, which involves extreme fairy tale love story, though i like to watch them sometimes, especially those with kwon sang wooo or lee dong ki in it) is that it happens in real life too. last time i was watching discovery channel about 'the girl who lives in the dark'.she also suffers from similar fate.then i watched ichi ritoru no namida or 'one litre of tears'. it's about a fifteen years old girl who suffers from spinocerrebellar degeneration (check wikipedia if u want to find out what is it) and it's based on a real life story about a girl's life coping with the disease. after watching all that, and realised that i'm a perfect, healthy human, i know that i should be thankful and grateful for who i am today. i shouldn't ask for more when i have enough. but the thing is, humans are greedy. everyone is. they always want something that they dont have. they never felt enough.

the story of the cats

there were two cats, a stray cat and the other is a lovely pet cat owned by a rich woman. the stray cat was dirty, scratched, and smelly. the wound on the cat's ears carried fleas. no human was going to go near the cat.
"go away you filthy cat!" the restaurant owner cruelly kicked him and shooed him away.
the stray cat would be bad for her business.
"oh, you poor kitty," said a young girl from behind.luckily there were still humans with compassion. the little girl pat and brushed his filthy fur with love.
"hey, that cat is dirty!look, the ears are full of fleas...go away from that cat!"

to be continued...
"but mom!"
"go or i'll make you!"
"alright..."she went away reluctantly.


first time writing blogs...
i hate blogs at first but after some people said about blog this, and blog that, i decided to try it out...