Saturday, July 21, 2007

the story of the cats

there were two cats, a stray cat and the other is a lovely pet cat owned by a rich woman. the stray cat was dirty, scratched, and smelly. the wound on the cat's ears carried fleas. no human was going to go near the cat.
"go away you filthy cat!" the restaurant owner cruelly kicked him and shooed him away.
the stray cat would be bad for her business.
"oh, you poor kitty," said a young girl from behind.luckily there were still humans with compassion. the little girl pat and brushed his filthy fur with love.
"hey, that cat is dirty!look, the ears are full of fleas...go away from that cat!"

to be continued...
"but mom!"
"go or i'll make you!"
"alright..."she went away reluctantly.

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