Thursday, May 22, 2008

Light Part 2

I see light at the end of the tunnel.
I see a figure at the end, waiting for me, stretching out his hand. 
Somehow I try to run, but there's a rock. A small rock and I can't see it, because it is dark. I  don't know how can I manage to get through this darkness.  
I wish there is a lamp here somewhere. No. I wish for only a small candle, just enough for me to watch my own steps. I can walk slowly, as long as I can get through this darkness and my only wish is to reach to the light, and grabbing the hand outstretched, waiting for me.

Light Part 1

Here comes the sun.
Here comes the light.
Light. the initial energy source of ecosystem. we learn that in IB Biology . 5.1.9. 

but the ecosystem consists of all living things. we are also a part of the massive ecosystem called the Earth. the World. 

we also need the Light. Light that shines from atop into our hearts. we need the Light. light from The One.

one night, when i was studying for Chemistry exam next day, my head felt so heavy. i dont know why, but its the thought of studying last minute that was burdening my mind. i turned my gaze towards the dark path along the girls' blocks. it was 2 a.m. and nobody was walking along the path. something else caught my attention. the small streetlamps along 'lorong Midaq'. 

there were small insects, flapping their tiny wings, circling the only source of light in the darkness. animals like that searched for the source of light according to their insticts--animal behaviour. but humans, the Homo sapiens we seek light for our hearts. our purpose of living in this world is to find the only STRAIGHT path to meet The One. without light, there will be no guidance, and once we stumble in the darkness, there will be no hand to help us to get up and continue our journey. 

but, like the sun, light can come anytime, whenever He wants. all we need to do is to lift up our hands and ask Him to send us the light.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

mathematical induction

sin x / n = 6

how can we prove that? 
maybe there's a trick behind this.
it got me thinking...about 2 and a  half second. Only.

a wise man once says, don't play with words, because it can eat you.
don't play with numbers, because it can suffocate you...
they say practice makes perfect, that's why we have to do math practice everyday..
but i think if i do it everyday, i'll vomit.
what to do..
IB's tough

reality is even tougher...


itsuka hanashite kureta ai no uta 
It's because one day, that love song you told me...

itsumo itsudatte oboete iru kara 
will be remembered always and forever...

te wo tsunaga tsuyosa wo kono mama shinjiteru 
I can keep believing in the strength of holding hands...

jasumin no hana no kaori sotto yureta nara 
if you gently release the fragrance of the jasmine flower.

kirakira kagayaite mabushii no wa kimi ga iru kara 
It's because you're here that it shines so bright...

kakegae no nai mono 
Something irreplacable...

sore wa kitto mune no oku afurete 
...must be overflowing from the bottom of my heart.

hikaru houseki mitai yubisaki ni 
Your fingertips are like shining jewels,

tooku hanareta basho ni mo todoketai 
they can reach the most distant places.

sumikitta kuuki mo egao mo sono mama ni 
The clear air and your smile stay the same,

kisetsu ga utsuri kawatte mo hikareau nante 
even if the seasons change, we'll be drawn to each other.

setsunai kimochi nano koneko mitai kata wo sukumete 
It's a painful feeling, when you shrug like a kitten.

tasogare no yuuhi ni kurumarete itai kara 
Because I want to be wrapped up in the setting sun.

hitotsubu no namida to umi no iro wo maze awasetara 
If you mix a teardrop with the colour of the sea...

yorokobi wo kanaderu nana iro no shinfonii 
joy will sound, a seven coloured symphony.

kaze ni notte sora takaku 
It'd be nice if it rode the wind high into the sky,

yozora no mukou made 
beyond the night sky...

todoku to iina chiribameta hoshi wo atsumete 
and gathered the scattered stars.

kirakira kagayaite mabushii no wa kimi ga iru kara 
It's because you're here that it shines so bright...

kakegae no nai mono sore wa kono mune ni 
Something irreplacable that is in this heart.

yagate asa ni natte 
Before long it will be morning,

kyou mo asu mo tsuzuiteku kedo 
today and tomorrow will continue, but...

futsuu no mainichi ga itooshiku omoeru no 
...I feel these ordinary days are precious.

zutto dakishimete ite ne 
Hold me forever, okay?