Thursday, May 22, 2008

Light Part 1

Here comes the sun.
Here comes the light.
Light. the initial energy source of ecosystem. we learn that in IB Biology . 5.1.9. 

but the ecosystem consists of all living things. we are also a part of the massive ecosystem called the Earth. the World. 

we also need the Light. Light that shines from atop into our hearts. we need the Light. light from The One.

one night, when i was studying for Chemistry exam next day, my head felt so heavy. i dont know why, but its the thought of studying last minute that was burdening my mind. i turned my gaze towards the dark path along the girls' blocks. it was 2 a.m. and nobody was walking along the path. something else caught my attention. the small streetlamps along 'lorong Midaq'. 

there were small insects, flapping their tiny wings, circling the only source of light in the darkness. animals like that searched for the source of light according to their insticts--animal behaviour. but humans, the Homo sapiens we seek light for our hearts. our purpose of living in this world is to find the only STRAIGHT path to meet The One. without light, there will be no guidance, and once we stumble in the darkness, there will be no hand to help us to get up and continue our journey. 

but, like the sun, light can come anytime, whenever He wants. all we need to do is to lift up our hands and ask Him to send us the light.


Zarith Shafie said...

sometimes.. there are other lights around us that is diverting us from that path.. dimmer light yet so alluring.. from ppl around us.. probably just a neon signpost.. diverting us from the Sun.. metaphors.. heh..

Anonymous said...

feel the same way.....but then, it's easier said than done. Juz asking for it doesn't mean that we can have it. The LIGHT would only be granted to whom, Allah deemed worthy of, keep asking for it!!!! - farah najwa