Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am independent...

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People who are highly independent like to do things on their own and are naturally self-sufficient. Independent people are as a whole more determined than most and tend to have higher intelligence. However, it is also true that one can be independent without having high determination or intelligence and vice versa. Another thing most highly independent people have in common is that they can possess a greater sense of integrity than many people around them do.

Dream Job??

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Sales representative? No way. Chemical engineer? Not you. With a big heart and a natural knack for smooth-talking, there's no doubt that you could go head-to-head with Angelina Jolie for best humanitarian. Whether you're smoothing over a fight between feuding friends or solving the stickiest of situations, you somehow manage to keep even-keeled under the heaviest of pressures. That's why the perfect job for you would be making sure that people all over the world are happy, healthy, and safe.

And while there may be a lot of competition on the international stage, this world could still use all the caretakers it can get. So make sure to take your heart wherever you go! Believe it — no matter where you work, your coworkers will be glad you're there.

Friday, June 6, 2008


You make me happy,
When skies are grey,
You never know dear,
How much I love you,
So please don't take my sunshine away...
You are my sunshine...
My only sunshine...

Just now I watched this interesting movie on TV. It was quite far fetched, but there is a message from this movie. The story is about a team of astronauts and scientists sent in a massive spacecraft called Icarus fifty years in the future to the Sun. Their mission is to re ignite the dying Sun where the Earth don't receive sunlight and the Earth is covered in snow. 

It is far fetched. Man can never reach the Sun and when the Sun is dying, there is nothing we can do about it. Based from my reading from various astronomy books, the Sun will gradually expand and with what's happening now, the Earth's temperature rising and all, maybe it's a sign that the Sun is dying. The Sun is a small star, and thus it won't reach Supernova, but then it will expand and at one point, it will shrink into a small star called white dwarf. Then, at that time, there will be no hope to mankind. We cannot live without the Sun. I've said it before, light is the initial energy source in an ecosystem. Human consumes other organisms and that makes us a part of the ecosystem. Where would we be if we have no sun? The temperature will be absolute zero and it will be worse than Ice Age. No living thing can live without the Sun. 
The message in this movie that got me thinking is that who are we to challenge God? We are created, and how powerful are we to create something else that is fixed by Him? Everything that happens is according to God's will. the antagonist of the story, he actually sabotage the spaceship because he thought that maybe it's the God's will to stop them from going to the Sun and re ignite it, because who are they to challenge God? Who are we? We are just stardust, he said.

 Stardust. We have no power, we are insignificant. There is nothing we can do to challenge Him. What He created is for the best and only He knows what His plans. 
Significance. I remembered a video about how significant of us in the universe. To think that we only exist as tiny pieces and the universe is just too enormous compared to us. There is no way that we are that significant. Nobody will notice us.

But He does. He notices us, and we can be that significant. The more noticeable we are, the more people will know us. The more people know us, the more of our positive side they'll know and the more they love us. Think about it.

Only reading books about the universe is enough to make us realize how beautiful is God's creation and that there is still a vast loophole in which indicates the unknown. We know so little compared to the Everything. We can never know anything, least of all, everything...without His will. 

Who are we? We are so small. We cannot even live if there is no sunshine. Sunshine. Light.Sun.Shine.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Old Man and the Sea

It’s the title of a novel written by Ernest Hemingway. Well, it’s dark right now and it is so hard to be typing in the dark. I think I’ve read this book somewhere, long, long time ago. I’ve forgotten the content, possibly due to the fact that I’ve read so many books. I’ve watched a really good movie just now. It’s ‘The Guardian’. I’ve been waiting for Astro to view that movie and now I can watch it. The message in this movie is very clear, about how people save others. I really like the phrase “so others can live” that is highlighted in this movie. It got me thinking. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to sacrifice for others. I always hated the sea. No, not hate. I am afraid of the sea. I’m afraid of the waves. I always get this feeling as if the waves are pulling me closer to the ocean and when they do, I’m sure that I won’t come back. Maybe it’s the fact that I almost drowned when I was little. It’s weird. I’m afraid of the sea while my whole life has always been near to the sea. I grow up in a small town near the beach, and the beach has become like almost every day destination for me. My parents’ hometown, in Terengganu, is very near to the South China Sea. I face the South China Sea every day, and every time I see it, I feel a bit scared. That’s why, I really respect the ones who are willing to go to the sea and save others in life threatening situation, like in the movie. The Coast Guards, they are a people who are brave.

Thinking about the sea, there is this old man. He is a brave old man. He was born after the World War II and he said it was a very crucial period. They had to live in poverty and they don’t get enough food to eat. When he was little, he had to walk for miles to get to school. During recess, he said he don’t have enough money to eat, so he just watch other people eat. Then there was this girl, she will throw a ten cent change to him. He will use that money to buy nasi lemak, which was very cheap at that time. Then, when he went home, he always found that there was nothing to eat because they don’t have enough money to buy food. I know that he would be a very good student, a very brilliant one, if not that he only managed to study until he was twelve due to poverty. Then, when he was fourteen, he had to travel for miles across the country for his source of income. No money, no education, no proper job. That’s how it always happens to unfortunate people who have the will to carry on to learn something, but they don’t have the money to do it. They say money cannot buy happiness, but I believe so. Without money, you won’t be that happy. You should have at least some money for basic needs, like education. If I get to learn what I want to learn, then I wouldn’t be happier.

This old man struggles to live as a fisherman. He needs to support his family, so he works as a fisherman, like his father. They are the brave men who are willing to risk their life for food for their families. This old man’s father was lost at sea. He was never found. Watching that movie, when the coast guard was lost at sea in the end, struck a chord on me and made me remember the story of this old man. How would you feel if your father was lost at sea, and that his body was never found, and all you can do is thinking that he was there, somewhere in the open ocean, buried deep down under the ocean’s floor, resting in peace.

The sea. It’s a very big place, bigger than the biggest land. Bigger than Russia. It is neverending. There’s no end to the stretch of water. It’s just plain water, waving in tremendous speed that could wipe an entire community.  The power of the water is so strong, and the tsunami in 2004 has proved us so. People should be scared with the One who created the water and gave such an amazing power to the water. It could serve as a warning to people. Only the people who have witnessed the power of the ocean will understand it.

The old man once told me a story. Once, the wind and the waves were really strong, and they were at sea. Their boat was sinking, and there was nothing to do. The man was lucky, he clung his hand on a piece of wood and swam all the way to the shore. Or else, he wouldn’t be alive now. He would be like his father, lost at sea. I really admire this old man. Despite the fact that he was poor, and he didn’t get enough education, he was able to raise his children and there was nothing else more important to his children than to receive education. It’s the spirit of the old man and the experience he gained from being at sea. The sea has taught him and now it is his turn to teach his children about the sea. Our life is like the sea. Full of waves, and sometimes swimming will not save our lives, because the current will be too strong for us to handle. That’s when a miracle is needed. And how to get that miracle? We need to pray for it.

Information Overload

In this era, information is flowing like waterfalls. I don’t know how to stop it. I was doing my secondary research on my EE, about information overload, and I think I’m experiencing info overload myself. There’s just so many things to know. What’s going on with the world today? I know that I’m not supposed to complain as I am very lucky to know and to have the knowledge. But…

Yesterday I went to the hospital and saw that there are so many people and the doctor in the outpatient department was just two. It’s true that they say there are not enough doctors in Malaysia. One for every 600 patients. Honestly. It made me realizes that whatever happens, I need to come back to Malaysia and serve my people. The money I receive every month comes from the people of my country. Wow. What a responsibility. Phew… to pay back what the people have given me…

                Info overload… the amount of info I receive everyday is increasing and thus the amount of work will increase too. There’s just too many things to do, people say. But I won’t let it get to me. I will not be let down by some stupid commitment that everybody feels about workload. I’m not saying that I like to do so many works. Honestly I prefer lying down in front of the TV or computer to watch the latest Japanese drama or Prisonbreak marathon on Starworld or something. But if someone asks me to finish something, I know that I have to finish it somehow. Some people always let that fact get to them. They get easily stressed or given up just because they don’t have enough time to finish their assignments, so they say. They spend most of their valuable time thinking rather than actually doing it. If they spend it for carrying out the task instead, then it will be completed before they know it. I always need to face people complaining and sometimes I don’t like being in that particular situation –listening to them, I mean. But what to do… I experience it myself. All I have to do is to be better than everybody else and complete all my tasks just in time.

                There is a little problem called procrastination, I’m afraid. It influences the mind of youngsters like me. Haha… sometimes I like to do the fun things first and suffer later, contradicts to popular belief which is to suffer first, and enjoy later. That’s when I get the bit for studying last minute and torturing myself. Hahaha… I don’t like that kind of feeling… but once again, what to do…