Sunday, June 1, 2008

Information Overload

In this era, information is flowing like waterfalls. I don’t know how to stop it. I was doing my secondary research on my EE, about information overload, and I think I’m experiencing info overload myself. There’s just so many things to know. What’s going on with the world today? I know that I’m not supposed to complain as I am very lucky to know and to have the knowledge. But…

Yesterday I went to the hospital and saw that there are so many people and the doctor in the outpatient department was just two. It’s true that they say there are not enough doctors in Malaysia. One for every 600 patients. Honestly. It made me realizes that whatever happens, I need to come back to Malaysia and serve my people. The money I receive every month comes from the people of my country. Wow. What a responsibility. Phew… to pay back what the people have given me…

                Info overload… the amount of info I receive everyday is increasing and thus the amount of work will increase too. There’s just too many things to do, people say. But I won’t let it get to me. I will not be let down by some stupid commitment that everybody feels about workload. I’m not saying that I like to do so many works. Honestly I prefer lying down in front of the TV or computer to watch the latest Japanese drama or Prisonbreak marathon on Starworld or something. But if someone asks me to finish something, I know that I have to finish it somehow. Some people always let that fact get to them. They get easily stressed or given up just because they don’t have enough time to finish their assignments, so they say. They spend most of their valuable time thinking rather than actually doing it. If they spend it for carrying out the task instead, then it will be completed before they know it. I always need to face people complaining and sometimes I don’t like being in that particular situation –listening to them, I mean. But what to do… I experience it myself. All I have to do is to be better than everybody else and complete all my tasks just in time.

                There is a little problem called procrastination, I’m afraid. It influences the mind of youngsters like me. Haha… sometimes I like to do the fun things first and suffer later, contradicts to popular belief which is to suffer first, and enjoy later. That’s when I get the bit for studying last minute and torturing myself. Hahaha… I don’t like that kind of feeling… but once again, what to do…



Anonymous said...

"They spend most of their valuable time thinking rather than actually doing it"

can i say this??
"some ppl are meant to spend their time thinking"..
to be frank, i don't really understand how does info overload can lead to workload..
anyway.. procrastination.. hmmm...haha.. totally me..

majin said...

When I first heard of IB, it caught me that how well rounded it is, with EE, IA, and the TOK. But then, as I'm living through it, I think its all overrated.IB students always think we are better than the other pre u students, the truth is we are not, maybe on par, but not better, including me myself. What we really need to fill the loopholes is our ability to think for ourself and not be a yes man. We are seriously lacking on that.

Neway, nice blog ur having right here. keep on blogging.