Friday, June 6, 2008


You make me happy,
When skies are grey,
You never know dear,
How much I love you,
So please don't take my sunshine away...
You are my sunshine...
My only sunshine...

Just now I watched this interesting movie on TV. It was quite far fetched, but there is a message from this movie. The story is about a team of astronauts and scientists sent in a massive spacecraft called Icarus fifty years in the future to the Sun. Their mission is to re ignite the dying Sun where the Earth don't receive sunlight and the Earth is covered in snow. 

It is far fetched. Man can never reach the Sun and when the Sun is dying, there is nothing we can do about it. Based from my reading from various astronomy books, the Sun will gradually expand and with what's happening now, the Earth's temperature rising and all, maybe it's a sign that the Sun is dying. The Sun is a small star, and thus it won't reach Supernova, but then it will expand and at one point, it will shrink into a small star called white dwarf. Then, at that time, there will be no hope to mankind. We cannot live without the Sun. I've said it before, light is the initial energy source in an ecosystem. Human consumes other organisms and that makes us a part of the ecosystem. Where would we be if we have no sun? The temperature will be absolute zero and it will be worse than Ice Age. No living thing can live without the Sun. 
The message in this movie that got me thinking is that who are we to challenge God? We are created, and how powerful are we to create something else that is fixed by Him? Everything that happens is according to God's will. the antagonist of the story, he actually sabotage the spaceship because he thought that maybe it's the God's will to stop them from going to the Sun and re ignite it, because who are they to challenge God? Who are we? We are just stardust, he said.

 Stardust. We have no power, we are insignificant. There is nothing we can do to challenge Him. What He created is for the best and only He knows what His plans. 
Significance. I remembered a video about how significant of us in the universe. To think that we only exist as tiny pieces and the universe is just too enormous compared to us. There is no way that we are that significant. Nobody will notice us.

But He does. He notices us, and we can be that significant. The more noticeable we are, the more people will know us. The more people know us, the more of our positive side they'll know and the more they love us. Think about it.

Only reading books about the universe is enough to make us realize how beautiful is God's creation and that there is still a vast loophole in which indicates the unknown. We know so little compared to the Everything. We can never know anything, least of all, everything...without His will. 

Who are we? We are so small. We cannot even live if there is no sunshine. Sunshine. Light.Sun.Shine.

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